Atitlan in Bloom / Florecimiento de Atitlan

Atitlan in Bloom / Florecimiento de Atitlan

May 23, 2013  at 7:00pm    Film runtime 76″  in the El Buen Amigo community room.
“A journey through villages and towns surrounding Lake Atitlan in the central highlands of Guatemala, unique mix of cultures and beliefs through an exentric cast of characters and chance encounters.”

“Meeting mechanics, artists, textiles workers, politicians, religious groups, healers, herbalist and mystics.”

Donation: $5.00

Thanks Rev. Msgr. David M. Gallivan


Holy Cross Ch urch 345 Seventh Street Buffalo, New York 14201 716-847-6930

January 25, 2013




Since the creation of EI Buen Amigo I have been a member of its board of directors.

When I could to do so, I used to bring artisan crafts with me when I returned from my trips to Latin America. If you visit the store at 114 S. Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo, you will see that the varieties of merchandise has expanded and improved. I am continually surprised by the reasonable prices of the products and often purchase them as gifts myself.

Often our church and school groups look for easy projects to raise funds for their own purposes. El Buen Amigo offers you a way to do this by the sale of arts and crafts from the indigenous people of Latin and Central America and other 3 rd W orld countries. You would retain 25% of the proceeds of the arts and crafts sold at your site for your group’s purposes.

El Buen Amigo knows of WNY medical teams who travel to the Southern Hemisphere to engage in their admirable missions. They carry with them supplies and medications but often return with empty baggage. If they could return with suitcases full of merchandise, they could profit by our sales at El Buen Amigo. Your organization could sell the items at your location and finance its own projects as well as those of our medical missionaries.

We have used Arts and Craft Sales of beautiful clothing, jewelry, art, and indigenous music to finance our youth group at Holy Cross between masses in our economically challenged neighborhood. It has been both successful and profitable.

EI Buen Amigo also offers its well-received Cultural Extension Programs for students for grades 7 to 12. They spend 4 or 5 hours in cultural immersion and learning activities at the Latin American Cultural Association, Inc. (501-c-3), also at 114 S. Elmwood Ave. For more information contact our founder and chief staff person, Santiago Masferrer, at 885-6343 or l’1~a11ewyork(Zi), or call me at 847-6930 x 12.


Rev. Msgr. David M. Gallivan



Just to let everyone know since Facebook has changed a lot we have now created a new Facebook and closed our previous Facebook. Please take a loot at our new Facebook Site and LIKE our page. We have put several different store items up with Prices. Soon to come will an extended online store. We are currently focusing on getting pictures and measurements for all the inventory in El Buen Amigo!!