Buffalo Artist Collective 

El Buen Amigo

El Buen Amigo and Latin American Cultural Association believes that artistic expression a wonderful way to spread awareness about economic and social justice issues, encourage cultural education, and connect communities all over the world to each other in a spirit of mutual cooperation and creativity.

In addition to being a welcoming place for artists, musicians, poets, activists, writers, of all backgrounds can gather and share their ideas and creations, El Buen Amigo supports many artistic projects that extend into the local Buffalo community, the United States, and the rest of the world. Our connection and respect for the art of all cultures inspires us to collaborate with artists that share the same vision.

Here are some of our partners who share our love of creating an atmosphere of beauty and peace through art and education: 

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
The Foundry
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
Casa de Arte
Allentown Association
Beehive Design Collective

The Allentowner Newspaper
Artvoice Newsweekly
The Elmwood Village Association