Our Cultural Extension Program – CEP is designed to create awareness among youth about Latin American culture and crafts, fair trade, tolerance and understanding, and related social justice issues. If you have less time available, individual session prices and running times are listed below.

I. The Character Tower:

A team-building activity that teaches the importance of values  (60 minutes)

II. Latino Dance Class:

Learn and experience rhythmic dances such as Salsa with a qualified teacher (60 minutes)

III. Jewelry Making:

Learn the basics of jewelry design and enjoy the process of creating individual pieces of jewelry. This is an opportunity to teach students about the importance of learning new skills hands-on utilizing their creativity (45 minutes)

IV. Lunch:

Enjoy an authentic Latin American buffet style meal

V. Discussion about the importance of  Fair Trade Crafts:

Discuss why and how we support artisans from Latin America. What is fair trade and why it is important? (Other topics related to Latin America can be also discussed in this session)

Please contact us for prices and to schedule a field trip to our location