We graciously invite schools and community groups from Western New York to participate in an educational field trip designed to broaden cultural understanding. 

Field Trip Overview

The Cultural Education Program is designed to encourage tolerance and appreciation of the arts and learning in students, as well as introduce them to Latin American culture and fair trade practices.

Discussion topics include Latin American culture and the importance of cultural understanding, social and economic justice, and respecting the rights of all people around the world.

Cultural Awareness Presentation topics:

  • Latin American Culture
  • Globalization
  • Fair Trade vs. Free Trade
  • International Economic Policy
  • Social Justice Issues
  • Human Rights

Tour of El Buen Amigo

Groups will enjoy a brief tour of the store and presentations about the unique history and operations of the artist collectives from which we obtain our fair trade products and El Buen Amigo’s fair trade store.

While exploring our store, art gallery, and community center, students will learn about the cultural history of the artisans who provide us with our handmade crafts and discover the unique methods used to make the beautiful products. 

Character Tower

This unique character building activity helps teach:

  • Teamwork
  • Balance
  • Self-reflection
  • Patience and Humility

Jewelry-Making Workshop

Learn to create beautiful jewelry with traditional beading, from bracelets to necklaces.

Jewelry-making is a popular pastime as well as an important income-generator for many different kinds of people in Latin America.

Salsa Dancing Class

Students will learn the history of Latin rhythmic dances such as merengue and salsa and participate in a live dance lesson taught by the expert instructors of dance groups. 

These dances are physical reflections of traditional Latin American culture and identity.


Participants enjoy an authentic, family-style lunch from Niagara Café – a local Puerto Rican food restaurant on Buffalo’s West Side.