El Buen Amigo offers customers arts and handmade crafts, clothing, jewelry, handbags, luggage and more direct from artisans and farmers in Latin America. We obtain beautiful hand-crafted items from artisans in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and other nations such as India and Nepal who are working for fair wages creating beautiful and unique products that reflect their rich cultural heritage.

By providing fair trade products at reasonable prices, we help indigenous peoples from developing countries earn a living income that allows them to maintain a sustainable lifestyle for their families and communities. To learn more, please visit our store at 114 Elmwood Avenue or browse our products online.

As a nonprofit cultural organization LACA & El Buen Amigo promote fair trade practices and build awareness about economic justice issues.

We believe, fairness and accountability are beneficial not only the people who produce handmade craft, but to the environment and the worldwide economy as well. Our mission is create a sustainable future with dignity and hope for all of them.

Fair trade provides many advantages to the free trade system, which can create unchecked competition for raw materials and view workers strictly as a replaceable means of labor. Rather than selling their goods to businesses that resell them for higher margins and keep the profit, organizations such as our fair trade store are focused on empowering artists and farmers from developing countries, not merely seeing them as a means to obtain products for low prices. In addition, fair trade practices encourage shoppers to be more conscious about the source of the products they purchase, which creates meaningful connections between producers and consumers of goods, an element that is often missing in depersonalized supply-chain focused business models.

By purchasing their crafts, we ensure they are justly compensated for their time and work. In addition, fair trade practices provide craftspeople with the knowledge about how to take advantage of the global economy and build skills that will help their communities flourish.Beautiful Fair Trade Crafts from Mexico, Central and South America 

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