LACA + El Buen Amigo staff and board believe in the power of activism, of volunteering and of caring for each others. We seek to impact positively not only locally, but globally as well. Join us to build a better world!

Books to Chile :: an initiative created to wrap up book donations to send to kids and teenagers in Chile. You can drop your book donations here at our center from Monday to Saturday, 11am till 7pm. Questions?

Latin America Solidarity :: another movement created to organize special events to rise founds, or any kind of help to support people in Latin America when they are hit by a disaster. Also, we’ve raised founds to help people in Haiti with the support of the Buffalo community, Amor and Heritage Inc., and many of our friends and volunteers. Questions answered at, or you can donate online here.

If you would like to meet us for support related to any cause or work, please, do not exited in contact us.